Introduction of Q&C Water Cooler

Q&C Water Coolers ( is a Hungary-based company that specializes in providing a cutting-edge water cooler system. By incorporating IoT technology into their products, Q&C Water Coolers offers a distinctive user experience and enables users to monitor their water consumption for optimal hydration.

Business Needs

  • Create a more efficient and intelligent way for people to consume water.
  • Promote better health habits

Technical Challenges

Many IoT Solution Company has failed in developing a system that would allow for precise water temperature control and consumption monitoring while maintaining energy efficiency and meeting safety standards.

Q&C Solution for the IoT Water Cooler System

  • IoT-enabled Water Cooler System: an innovative IoT-enabled water cooler system that allows users to monitor and control their water consumption via a mobile app. Deploying advanced heating technology with 98% energy efficiency, an intelligent cooling system, and self-diagnostic capabilities.
  • Q&C Cloud Platform and Portal: The Q&C Cloud Platform and Portal provide a centralized management system for devices, users, and data analytics
  • Over-the-Air Firmware Upgrades: Over-the-air firmware upgrades allow Q&C Water Coolers to remotely update and improve the functionality of their devices without requiring physical access to the water coolers
  • Safety and Aesthetics: The Water Coolers Device is designed to meet safety standards for electrical appliances while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and compact design
  • Customer Support: Q&C Water Coolers provides comprehensive customer support, including warranty management, repair and maintenance services

Q&C Achievements


The company has secured funding from various sources, including:

  • Brexit Adjustment Reserve fund: 110 million HUF
  • Széchenyi 2020 fund: 67 million HUF
  • NKFI fund: 36.64 million HUF
  • EU funding: 66 million HUF

Awards: Q&C Water Coolers has also received recognition for their innovative technology and business practices, including:

  • Innovation Award at the Smart Solutions Awards Hungary 2020
  • 2nd place at the Innovative Hungary Award 2020
  • Best Product Award at the FoodExpo Hungary 2019

ITR VN Services

  • Hardware Desive of Nano Water Cooler Device
  • Embeded System Development for Nano Water Cooler Device
  • Q&C’s User Mobile App Development
  • Q&C’s Manufacturing Quality Control Mobile App Development
  • Q&C’s Cloud Platform and Portal