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[Employee Activities] Company Trip 2023


After days and months of hectic deadlines and bug fixes, ITR had a 3-day vacation to the beautiful Pearl Island ✈️🏝
Unlike previous company trips with team building activities, this one was truly a leisure travel to recharge everyone’s energy. The trip aims to provide comfort and freedom for ITR members to explore beautiful destinations on the island or enjoy the luxurious ambiance of the New World Resort with exciting activities such as kayaking, kite-flying, beach bathing, or simply lying on the smooth white sand.
The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly the “chill” gala dinner under the stunning sunset at Sunset Sanato, with interesting games, enticing prizes, and dancing to the rhythm of DJ. All of these create a super special and unforgettable experience for all ITR-ers.Check out the lovely photos of ITR in Phu Quoc🥰