It is so exciting and humbling to see so many people interested in working at ITRVN. We are thrilled you’re taking the time to learn more about us, and we wanted to create a space to help us impart knowledge and answer questions. Don’t forget to read more on our career page too! 

About Us 

Before we can decide if you are the person to fill our role, you need to know us, and that we are what you want. The best source of information is on us website, and  Linkedin where you can find general information about ITRVN.  

What does work for ITRVN feel like? 

Nothing can be compared with our employees saying about their feelings 

Chỗ này cần làm video dài độ 1p – 1.5p ghi lại cảm nhận của một số nhân viên. 

Interviewing Process 

  1. Most interviews we do via Team Meeting by Microsoft, our working platform.  
  • If you are requested to have a Test, you will be informed at the time we schedule the interviewing time. 
  • If you want to visit our office for the interview, let us know. Our Talent Acquisition will arrange your suitable slot and welcome you. 

2. The interviewing process at our company normally takes 3 rounds 

  • Round 1 – Discussing with our TA about position and company’s prospect. It will take about 45 minutes 
  • Round 2 – Discussing with our Hiring Manager about your expertise. It will take about 1 hour to 1.5 hours. If you need to do a test, it will take you 30 minutes more. 
  • Round 3 – Offering round: 
  • Extra round: We will do more interviews if we are unsure about a potential candidate OR our CEO will need to interview Head/Lead level. 

3. How to stand out in interviews 

  • Firstly, we want to know what interested you about that job, and company. Research us, read the job descriptions, understand what we are looking for and make sure you address this in the interview. 
  • Secondly, we are trying to understand the connections between your existing experience and the role you are interviewing for. We are also looking for the connections between our values and you. 

In the interview: 

Remember that we will always approach your experiences and knowledge via STARs methodology. S – Situation; T – Task; A – Action; R – Results. 

  • Stick to the topic that you are discussing about. 
  • It’s key you help us see how you reflect on past decisions, and keep the focus on how you can take actions that make the product better for customers/end users.  
  • Actively listen to the question. Try not to bring up extra points, stick to the question, and if you really want to talk about it, bring it up at the end  
  • Prepare questions – we always allocate time for your questions, and we want to feel confident that you are assessing us as a fit for you. 
  • Show your motivation – we are looking for people who are looking for us. 
  • Be honest and transparent – that’s the quickest way to make sure we are the right fit for each other. We understand disagreements and mistakes happen, we want to hear how you solved and resolved problems. 
  • Read our employment handbook – help us understand how you relate to it, and us. 
  • Turn on your webcam – it’s hard to build connections without seeing you. 


Q: How long does the hiring process take? 

The interview process takes around 1 week on average depending on the role, and it consists of 3 to 4 Team Meeting interviews. We move as fast as we can and often encourage more than one interview a week if it works well for both the interviewee and the interviewer.  

Q: How do you evaluate candidates during the interview process? 

We evaluate candidates in alignment with our values and the key skills required for the role they are interviewing for. Our values are super important to us and the boundaries in which we work. If you do not align with any of our values, it will be very hard to hire you. 

We aim to ensure an inclusive hiring process and connecting, interviewing, and hiring a diverse set of individuals through valuing different cultures and backgrounds. We prefer to talk about values alignment and don’t like to talk about culture fit. 

New Hires 

Q: If I am successful in the interview process and sign an offer letter, what happens next? 

We will start the pre-onboarding process and the HR operation team will start engaging with you to create a profile on our Employee Info system. We’ll share a few tasks for you to complete and start working on your employment contract and ensure you are kept updated throughout the process. We are constantly working towards self-enabling all our new hires to have a great onboarding journey. 

Q: What benefits does ITRVN offer? 

Please read our Benefit page. 

Q: Will ITRVN’s health insurance extend to my family as well? 

In most cases, ITRVN will fund 100% of the cost of your employee-only policy. If you wish to extend the policy to your family or dependents, then you will pay for this extra coverage yourself.