Intern Program

Welcome! We’re excited for you to learn more about Autumn internships at ITR Vietnam!

Internships at ITR Vietnam are basically a 12-week Autumn experience and a prime opportunity for university students to accelerate their career by developing in-demand skills. ITR Vietnam interns are continuously trained and empowered to complete practical works, and will have the opportunity to apply their studies to significant projects for the company while bringing their unique perspectives to the company.

Where and When to Apply

We typically start posting roles on a rolling basis at the beginning of September for Autumn intern, December for Spring intern and March for Summer intern. We will start accepting applications as soon as they go live. Once the role is open, you can apply directly on our Job Site.

The Interview Process

We hire interns for a variety of teams such as Backend; Front-end; Firmware, Hardware, Business Analyst and Industrial Design. Although your experience will be customized by role, here is a broad overview of what you can expect.

Internship interviews at ITR Vietnam followed by approximately three rounds of interviews. Your interviewers will be evaluating your technical (if applicable), role-specific, and behavioral skills. During your interview, we are looking to learn more about you, your skill set, and the kind of work that excites you. This will help us match you with your future team at ITR Vietnam.

How to Prepare for Interviews

  • Prepare to talk about your projects on your resume
    We want to hear about your projects, internships, and any community/organizations you are involved in.
  • Practice technical fundamentals: (Software Engineering candidates)
    You will have a test. We’ll want to see how well you code in your favorite language. Practice basic algorithms you’re familiar with and make sure to brush up on common data structures.
  • Ready to Ask: We encourage you to ask your interviewer(s) questions about our culture, so you can hear firsthand about what it’s like to work at ITR Vietnam. We will both happy when we find each other for long-term engagement.

Finally, don’t give up. We are here to welcome you, and INNOVATE TOGETHER