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Our Vision

“A trusted tech hub in MedTech and Digital Health”

Building an innovative product for healthcare industry can be challenging as it involves a wide range of development and management processes. Powered with years of experience in the Digital Health and MedTech, ITR knows how to help our clients push through these processes to deliver their products to the world at high levels of quality.

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Industry 4.0

We make it possible to collect and analyze data across machines and manufacturing processes. Enabling higher productivity, and thus ensuring the competitiveness of your business.

Digital Health

We remotely monitor patient’s vital signs. And with the support of tele-medicine, edge enabled medical devices, and AI; we are digitally transforming the way patients are diagnosed and cured.

Machine Vision

Our proprietary technology enables machines to see and act intelligently. We consider ourselves vision specialists who visualize all aspects of your success.

Our Services

Our team consists of high-performing and experienced professionals from varying backgrounds in Medtech and Digital health product development including hardware development, embedded system development, mobile application, front-end, and AI. Along with that, ITR senior product development managers help our Clients’s project moving forward to success

All hardware designs at ITR are handled by a team of excellent engineers with years of practice and research. We expert in but not limited to:   

  • High-Density Interconnect (HDI) and High-speed hardware design
  • Mixed signal and Ultra-low power hardware design
  • Wearable Bio-sensing technologies
  • Managing the mechanical design and electronics design compliant with IEC-6060101 safety standard to achieve Class B Medical IoT devices.
  • IEC 60601-2 regulatory test for Medical IoT devices
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Design Control Procedures
  • Manufacturing Process Management for deliverables
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For over 10 years of focusing on healthcare products, ITR has delivered the most reliable, secure, high-quality, thoroughly documented, cost-efficient, and fail-safe medical devices, most of which are verified and classified under Class II classified software by the FDA. With that long history of experience, we strongly believe that our IoT experts can assist clients in selecting the best tech stack and bring out the best for their products.

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In compliance with IEC 62304 safety standards in building Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), ITR develops products with:

  • Compliance to HIPAA and GDPR requirements
  • Interoperability in compliance with HL7 FHIR standards
  • Reliable, optimized cost-performance cloud-native solution
  • High security with failover
  • High availability, scalability, and elasticity
  • Real-time monitoring for healthcare personnel
  • Healthcare mobile apps and websites with good usability for a wide range of end users
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AI Development at ITR is powered by a combination of the best minds of our researchers and data scientists. We are leveraging the latest AI technologies and infrastructure from Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services to build AI-powered IoT systems for our clients

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Our Certifications & Partners

The Internet of Things is the next Industrial Revolution promising significant changes from the businesses to our day-to-day lives. At ITR, we passionate in connecting things to the big network as we believe in the power of IoT to bring us better information, more control and higher productivity. However, we are still very much at the beginning of the transformational journey. Let’s be part of the change and build a better future together.

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